Sunday Garden Sessions with Urban Commons

Sunday Garden Sessions with Urban Commons

Come and join Urban Commons this summer at Fitzroy’s finest new pocket park to learn how you can transform your balcony into an urban oasis!

The Sunday Garden Sessions at 166 Gertrude St Fitzroy, will explore creative ways to grow beautiful and productive gardens on balconies and small spaces. The sessions will provide general garden advice and explain the basics of soil science to help with the ongoing success of your garden.

Everyone is welcome to get involved!

Sessions will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • The importance of plant selection
  • How to use locally indigenous plants in exciting ways
  • How to deal with pests and diseases organically
  • Companion planting
  • Basic soil science
  • The relationship between soil health and food nutrition
  • Maximising small balcony spaces using clever design
  • Benefits of capillary planter systems for balconies

Time & Dates:

All sessions will run between 10:30 – 12:30 PM on the following dates:

07/12 ; 21/12 ; 11/01 ; 25/01 ; 08/02 ; 22/02 ; 22/03 ; 19/04 ; 26/04

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