Aboriginal Healing Garden

Led by Sarah Naarden of Design Think Tank, a social enterprise incubator, we were engaged to design and implement the Foodscape for an Aboriginal Healing Garden at Monash Hospital, Clayton, Victoria.

The project aims to transform an unused courtyard into a place for reflection and healing for patients and hospital staff.

With plant design by AKAS, we created a dynamic design that incorporates intimate spaces with open and informal ones for larger social gatherings. The plant design features indigenous edible and ornamental species used in ceremonies and medicine.

Understanding the cultural and social requirements of the space was essential to developing the overall experience.

The first stage of the Aboriginal Healing Garden was launched with great anticipation. The unveiling of the master plan coincided with the national celebration of Close the Gap Day, which aims to create better equality in health status between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and non-indigenous Australians.

Ongoing events are being scheduled to raise additional funds to complete stage three, while stage two will be delivered in mid-May.

Monash Health

Clayton, Victoria


Install Time
1 Day (Stage 1 of 3)

Design Think Tank, AKAS