Melbourne Now

Urban Commons was selected as one of 175 artists, architects, designers, performers and cultural practitioners to contribute to the National Gallery of Victoria’s Melbourne Now exhibition.

Melbourne Now was one of the most ambitious and diverse exhibitions in the Gallery’s history, occupying both the Federation Square and St Kilda Rd precincts for three months.

The exhibition aimed to capture the many ways in which visual artists and creative practitioners contribute to the social and cultural fabric of Melbourne, and included a team of guest curators and artistic collaborators.

Under the curatorship of Ewan McEoin of Studio Propeller, we were commissioned to create an interactive space for children and their parents around the theme of food with workshops, lectures, and harvesting events.

Through a combination of product and service solutions we gave visitors the opportunity to taste, smell and learn about many common and not-so-common edible plants, wander through a native forest, listen to stories about food and culture, and participate in cultivating seedlings in an onsite greenhouse.

Melbourne Now opened from November through to February.

National Gallery of Victoria

Melbourne City, Victoria

2013 (for 4 months)

Install Time
1 Week

Studio Propeller, AKAS, Sproutwell